About us

Akash Radio is a community radio station to listeners within the West Yorkshire area and worldwide on different platforms. Akash Radio, which is based in Leeds, originally started broadcasting on 1323 AM/MW and has a lot of experience in the media industry profession.

Akash Radio’s programmes appeal to the vast majority of South Asian & Panjabi speaking population bringing to them a wide range of programmes, topics, music, news, views and religious sermons exclusively from Sri Harimandar Sahib, Amritsar and in doing so has established a loyal and growing listenership and membership base. It continues to strive in bringing its listeners the very best in programming. Supported by its listeners, members, private organisations and the business community who advertise, Akash Radio reaches an audience on 1323 AM/MW in Leeds and Surrounding areas within Yorkshire.

Also, it offers online appealing to National advertisers who wish to reach the Asian audiences.
With a team that includes presenters, front of house staff and sales team, Akash Radio has strived on team working, a positive working environment and co-operation within the team. Akash Radio has an expanding client base, including local and national advertisers who want to reach the vast Punjabi community within the North of England.

Our Mission:
To provide a high quality broadcast service that informs, entertains and actively represents and promotes the Panjabi language, heritage, culture, traditions, music and artists, acting as an agent of cohesion through which all Asians can unite and flourish.

Akash Radio offers a selection of shows which cover, cultural, religious, social, community, entertainment and news, including a vast selection of Panjabi and Hindi music; from the latest British Asian Bhangra to Folk songs fresh from Panjab and the Latest Bollywood Music. Akash Radio started off as a small dream broadcasting on a 1-month licence since in 2000 and due to the support of the Community, we now are a permanent Radio Station on 1323 AM/MW Broadcasting 24/7.

Akash Radio is a medium through which the Panjabi community, home and away, can express their views and opinions, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots.