Meet the Team

DJ Amrit Wason

DJ Sukhdev

DJ Rashpal

DJ Naminder Singh

DJ Devendra Sadhnani

DJ Hari Joshi

DJ Jatinder Sahota

DJ Rani Sahota

DJ Surinder Kaur Gill

DJ Balwinder Singh Osan

Gurmail S Sahota (DJ)
Chairman & Managing Director
Gurmail S Sahota the founder chairman of Akash Radio. He has gained extensive experience during the last ten years in managing and running of community radio station under RSL. He is experienced in fund-raising and property development. As a successful businessman, he is committed to put something back in to the community in order to help them to meet their needs. He has financially supported many community projects.

Gurdev S Dahele MBE
Vice President & Committee Director
Gurdev is the Vice Chairman of Akash Radio with extensive experience in the development of community projects He developed many projects in partnership with the community and in collaboration with mainstream agencies to bring sustained economic regeneration in inner city of Leeds and Bradford. He is chair of ABDN (Asian Business Development Network) and Trustee of Unity Enterprise Board.